About Me

Dulhan Doli Rental unofficially began in 2003 when my friend and neighbor Manjula and I began brainstorming for her eldest daughter's upcoming wedding. I was flattered when I was asked to create the Doli that would eventually carry all four of her daughters into the next phase of their lives. As a longtime woodworker, this became an opportunity for me to marry my creative talents with my love of new cultures and people. 

Bursting with color, music, and life; Indian culture captivates and inspires me daily. For me, a traditional Indian wedding is the embodiment of elegance and an opportunity for the bride to feel like the center of the world. The Dolis that I create serve to accent a bride’s natural beauty and personality. 

In 20 years as a professional Massage Therapist, I have learned that my client’s experience is about much more than the service being provided. I believe that by fully engaging myself in the needs of my clients, I am able to provide a complete service that is worry and hassle free. Let me be a part of your next ceremony and see the difference a personal touch can make.