Additional Fees


Delivery and travel 

Rental includes a 50-mile delivery “range”. To calculate delivery beyond range, use the following formula:  

Miles from Chapel Hill to venue  ___________________miles

 Miles x 2  (to and from venue)   ___________________miles 

Minus 100 range miles  _________________________miles

(Total miles) x ($.50)   $_______________=cost for travel beyond range

Travel beyond 150 miles one way

Motel stay is required by Vendor, maximum rate of $125. Accommodations must be safe and clean. In the event a block of rooms is secured by the wedding party, Vendor agrees to stay within those rooms at no additional charge. 

Sales Tax 

Calculated at a rate of 7.50% of total including rental and delivery. Calculation shall not include charges for customization and security deposit. 

Refundable Security Deposit

Covers damage incurred during rental time and/or late fee. Although damage is rare, it does happen.  DDR promises to be fair in assessing damage. Refunds are made (by a DDR check) to a designated recipient at the ceremony or can be mailed via US Mail. 

Event Start Time

A “ceremony start time” is stated in the contract. DDR uses this stated time to calculate travel, incidentals, recon at the venue and set-up. We will be ready well before the stated time. We also include a 2-hour window (beyond the stated time) for the ceremony to begin. Time beyond this window incurs a late fee of $30/half hour. This is deducted at the time of security deposit refund. 


Add-on mini lights (some units come with lights)        $10

Install dangling Swarovski crystals                $10

Additional Floral (artificial or fresh)                   Market Price 

            No charge for ordering, pick-up, arranging and transporting floral. We do not mark-up floral.    

In-stock fabric décor           No Charge

Additional fabric décor        Market Price

Seat back for Doli           No Charge

In-stock Pillow           No Charge  

Bride/Groom initials on seat back        $15/each letter

Example: “G & M”.  No charge for ampersand.